Bluegrass Marine Repair Knoxville


Bluegrass Marine

Bluegrass Marine is the mobile boat repair service that wants to earn and keep your business. We always strive for exceptional customer service. We have considerable experience in boat repair and boat maintenance. From jet boats to tournament ski boats, we offer service on anything including the basic stock run-about to performance boats.


With Bluegrass Marine

You  can be confident that scheduled and unexpected repairs will be done quickly and professionally to get you back on the water. Our primary service is boat maintenance and repairs at your location.


We offer a complete range of boat and jet ski repair and maintenance services -- boat customization / modification, boat analysis, boat winterization, diagnostics, inspections, boat shrink wrap, and more...

* Mechanical Inspection on and off the water

* Tune-up on carbureted & fuel injected engines

* Oil and all fluids changed (we have the equipment to change your

boat’s oil in or out of the water)

* Filter changes

* Check & top off all fluids

* Custom accessories and modifications

* Lay-up, winterizing

* De-winterizing

* Cleats and deck hardware installation

* Tower component installation such as speakers

* Tower component installation such as light bars

* Custom wiring and installation of additional access

* Trailer maintenance and repairs, including brakes and electrical

* Tow vehicle service, including custom wiring for trailers

* Pre-purchase mechanical inspection on and off the water


A quick test run on Melton Hill